Thursday, 7 January 2016

How to choose a good blog template?

Updated on 6 May 2017

The default template in general have a less attractive appearance. So many blog owners who replace the default template blogger with the design created templates blogger.

The many types of templates are free or paid. Kaliankalian but should also consider the quality of the template you plug it in, so that no negative impact on the blog. But what about the default template that has been provided.  see also Tips To get Fast traffic within a week

The reason why not choose a default template blogger

This is the reason why I did not choose a template provided by blogger and may be the reason other bloggers as well.
template yang baik dan berkualitas

2. The default template is less responsive blogger

It is less convenient to use on other devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Because the display can not adjust to the screen. But it could also be made responsive.

Tips To get Fast traffic within a week 

Tips on choosing a good template and quality

The characteristics of a good template should kaliankalian choose is as follows:

1. Choose a template seo fraiendly

Many templates to choose Then choose a template that basically has the following characteristics:
  • No cause duplicate contains
  • Title post using the code h1
  • There breadcrumb

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2. Select a template to mobile friendly

Blogs can adjust the display on tablet devices and smartphones anywhere. And no need to scroll to the right and to the left. Making it more convenient for visitors.

3. Select a template that has a data structure that is good

It aims to google can know the parts of the blog. Part bradcrumb, content, navigation, sidebars, etc. So it can be known by google.   see also  Transfer new article to popular blog to get fast traffic

4. Select a valid template html5

Blog with template html5 their code is easy to understand by the google search engine. Google so no trouble reading the blog. Similarly, some browsers are perfectly access it, if the invalid is likely to manage the look a little different.

Actually valid html does not really matter. But there is an opinion of valid html SEO experts that have a role to seo. You might read in blog mas 

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5. Select the template loading fast

Blog with quick loading are favored by visitors. And vice versa if loading is slow then disliked by visitors amupun by google. Blog with slow loading it also included the negative impact that may reduce SERP seo on google. 

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