Sunday, 29 May 2016


When you search on Google and YouTube "How to earn money online " there are lots of results come in front of your screen. Now the question is how it works? Is it real or only for gathering the attention of people? Some people say that online money earning is impossible. Some people say that it 100% works. What is the reality behind this?

In this article I will try to explain how to earn money online. How is it possible?
One thing I want to say that if you are determine then you can earn in huge amount of money. If you don't have patience this article is not for you.

Now I will discuss about the process which you have already applied. But you didn't earn money according to your expectations or you didn't earn nothing. Some YouTube videos will show you how to earn free Paytm cash or PayPal cash or Bitcoin or etc.
Some YouTuber will give you advice to install a particular app and you will get free money. One thing you should remember that they will give you a referral id . After installing the app you will be asked for put referral code. When you register with referral code the YouTuber will get points or money. I think it is clear that this is way to earn money of some YouTubers. After installing app they will show you to install some apps by which you will get Rs 5/-,6/- etc. Par app they will provide you money. But there is a huge problem. Suppose you earn Rs 20/- and you want to withdraw it. There are lots of options like Paytm/PayPal/mobile recharge. When you want to withdraw it you will see that minimum withdrawal is Rs30/-. Then what will you do? It is totally waste of your time. I am not telling about all free Paytm cash available in playstore. But 90% are fake apps. 10% apps will give you money but how much they will pay you not more than 20 or 30 rupees. If you are so lucky then you get 200 rupees. But is it sufficient for you? If you don't have a good job and you earn some real money online, it's not a ideal way to earning. So don't run behind those application.
In this article I am going to discuss about some methods by which you can earn real money.
1.create your own blog.
2.make YouTube channel.
3.PTC sites.
4.App development.
5.Built your own e-commerce site. 6.freelancing
7.Affiliate program or marketing
8. Referel marketing
In my next articles I will explain you how can you apply those methods. Those are best policy by which you can earn money as as a partimer and full timer also.
Lots of people are involved in those sectors and earning huge amount of money per month. But I can say to all of you that if you have no patience then you should go for a job. If your don't have patience you can't get success in those fields.
So wait for next tutorial I will explain you how to create and earn from YouTube channel.
Thanks for reading and please comment if you any questions and any thing to say.

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